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Explore the vibrant world of Caribbean literature!

Create Caribbean Research Institute (CCRI) recently launched Visualizing Caribbean Literature, an interactive database of over 3,000 literary works about the Caribbean experience and by Caribbean-identifying authors.

Visualizing Caribbean Literature encourages critical interaction with Caribbean literary history. The platform invites readers' interaction to encourage a larger conversation about literary reception as an essential aspect of its contribution to Caribbean studies and digital humanities.

Visualizing Caribbean Literature was developed with students participating in the Research, Technology, and Community Internship program led by CCRI. Prof. Schuyler Esprit started the project to show her students how Caribbean literature has changed her professional and personal life. It also taught students about Caribbean literature's history and their international influence.

The website also has many important features. Users can explore a broad corpus of Caribbean literature by language, genre, authorship, place of origin, publication location, and institution. The database also includes works in translation from listed authors, providing users with a wide range of options to dig into these influential works of literature. Users can traverse the site's visualizations and click the menu icon in the upper left of the page to show a slide-in vertical menu.

Another important tool is The Authors' database, which comprises the authors’ main information through a visualization tool. You can click on any author to discover their biography and bibliography. The nations page lists the writers' countries of birth or heritage. Lastly, the Publisher's page shows Caribbean literature's international reach with a navigable map of select publishers. Users can pan and scroll the map to explore publishers and titles, then click on any dot to learn more about a literary work.

Create Caribbean's Visualizing Caribbean Literature shows how digital humanities may improve literary text interaction and cultural knowledge. Furthermore, it is a testament to how collaborative efforts may generate new knowledge and unite the Caribbean diaspora.

If you have a passion for Caribbean literature, then Visualizing Caribbean Literature is the website for you! We are excited to explore this database and hope you are too.

Visualizing Caribbean Literature

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