The Caribbean Digital Scholarship Collective offers a series of programs aimed to nurture digital scholarship in and for the Caribbean.

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Create Caribbean

Create Caribbean Research Institute (CCRI) is the first digital humanities center in the Caribbean. Located in Dominica, CCRI is educational nonprofit serving students and scholars in academic research, technology, education, and Caribbean digital scholarship with a focus on arts and humanities work.

The Mellon grant support will allow Create Caribbean to expand its existing higher education programs in Dominica and the Eastern Caribbean and to develop new Caribbean projects and partnerships in Caribbean Digital Scholarship.

CCRI will focus on developing two initiatives. First, the CCRI will expand its Research, Technology, Community Internship program in Dominica State College and other regional institutions. This program will include creating a Caribbean Digital Studies certificate, funding for student interns, and apprenticeships with community partners where students can apply their digital skills to preserve and share content. Second, CCRI will develop the Community Partners Program, inviting local agencies and organizations working in cultural heritage, education, and preservation, to use digital technology to strengthen content development and programming. The Community Partners Program will include sponsored summer training.

CCRI has operated in Dominica since 2014 under the leadership of prof. Schuyler Esprit. CCRI hosts various annual programs and activities, including Create and Code Summer Tech Camp.

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Program coordinator: Schuyler Esprit