The Caribbean Digital Scholarship Collective offers a series of programs aimed to nurture digital scholarship in and for the Caribbean.

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Summer Institute

The Caribbean Digital Scholarship Summer Institute (CDSsi) will train scholars interested in approaching Caribbean Studies and digital scholarship as organically integrated fields of inquiry and engagement. Programs of study that integrate these domains are hard to come by in today's universities. A standard solution has been assembling generalist summer institutes (such as the Digital Humanities Summer Institute at the University of Victoria, or Dream Lab at the University of Pennsylvania). However, these programs have proven to be inaccessible to many Caribbean scholars due to the high cost, logistics of international travel, and a tendency to center on Europe, Canada, and the US. Given this challenge, we need to secure a viable future for digital scholarship in Caribbean studies that expands the talent pool.

The CDSsi seeks to address these issues by providing training in Caribbean digital scholarship to Caribbean studies scholars and practitioners. The course offering will focus on computational approaches to corpora (text and media analysis, general use of computation, statistics, data science); academic organizing on digital networks; digital pedagogy; and the design and implementation of knowledge systems (digital archives, exhibits, maps, visualizations) beyond the use of templated solutions.

The CDSC will support travel for up to 30 scholars to attend the Institute from 2023 to 2025.

Program Coordinator: Kelly Baker Josephs