The Caribbean Digital Scholarship Collective offers a series of programs aimed to nurture digital scholarship in and for the Caribbean.

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Supporting Caribbean Digital Scholarship

For many years we have been asking ourselves the following questions and coming up with our own answers: How can we cultivate producers and publics of quality digital scholarship? How can we ensure that this scholarship is recognized and rewarded by the academic profession? How can we encourage collaboration with increased accessibility that narrows the gap between Caribbeanist researchers, especially those in the North Atlantic academy, and the communities we are committed to serving?

Our answers have ranged in nature and scope. Yet, we still find colleagues working in the silos that result from national, linguistic, and academic/disciplinary histories and borders. We operate in incredibly uneven terrain, with some of our scholars enjoying the benefits of working for well-resourced universities while others work with little to no support. Those differences translate to unequal access to infrastructure at the most mundane material level: broadband internet, reliable electricity, safe working spaces, etc.

At the CDSC, we believe that the sum of our efforts can create an enormous impact. One thing is common to our collective: We have worked diligently to foster community and opportunities for our colleagues and students working on Caribbean digital scholarship.

Because of the nature of the obstacles, we cannot address these issues with a one-size-fits-all solution. This is why the CDSC applies a combination of programs in which each partner takes primary responsibility for one or more of these initiatives. To learn more about our programs, click on the images below.

Our Programs