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On Nov. 18 2022, TCD artist-in-residence Marinna Shareef presented her work during The Caribbean Digital IX conference in Puerto Rico! Marinna is a Trinidadian multimedia artist who draws from her experience as an Indo-Caribbean living with bipolar disorder in her work.

“All my work comes from my experiences and feelings and is formed when they occur or when reflecting back on them,” Marinna says. She draws from joyful memories of her childhood in her creations, such as the online games and DVDs she loved growing up. These inspirations allow Marinna to not only express joyful memories artistically but also to heal her adult self.

Her distinct style, inspired by Devan Shimoyama and Chila Kumari Burman, features vivid color, dynamic collage, and surrealism. Using these elements, she explores recurring subjects of Indo-Caribbean cultural motifs, materiality, and the self. The intense colors in self-portraits reflect her emotions and experiences during her episodes and her medicated existence.

Throughout the Artist Residency program, Marinna has received support and mentorship from Alice Yard co-director, Christopher Cozier, and professional digital art critics and curators who pushed her to develop her voice as a Caribbean artist. “The CDSC has allowed me to freely express myself with the advantages of knowing that my art will be critiqued,” Marinna writes about her residency. With this program, Marinna learned to process traumatic experiences through her art and explore the diversity of Caribbean experiences. 

We are thrilled to have Marinna as the inaugural TCD artist-in-residence! Marinna’s presentation is available online. You can also enjoy a sample of her digital art.

To learn more about her art, visit Marinna’s website

Artist Spotlight: Marinna Shareef

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