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The CDSC is thrilled to announce the new and improved "In the Same Boats" mapping visualizations, a project created by co-PIs Kaiama L. Glover and Alex Gil!

Just like the original, "Same Boats 2.0" features two interactive maps that track the trajectories and intersections of key Black historical figures in the time-space of the 20th century: "Trajectories" shows where these figures lived, worked, and traveled; "Intersections" shows where they may have met one another at particular moments in time.

This new version also features significant improvements that we hope will enhance your user experience, including:

  • a better interface for selecting time periods
  • a more mobile-friendly design
  • a zoom feature!
  • map circles on the "Trajectories" visualization that change size depending on the frequency of a figure's visit to that destination
  • time periods in "Intersections" that change degrees of transparency based on the likelihood that figures were in the same place at the same time

We hope you enjoy exploring "In the Same Boats 2.0". The project PIs will add more data over the following months and years. If you're interested in contributing, contact Glover and Gil via

The "In the Same Boats 2.0" improvements were part of the CDSC <a href= ""_blank">micro-grant program</a>, which supports digital scholarship about the Caribbean and its diasporas.

Same Boats 2.0

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